All that happened in an instant and lasts forever [2016-2020]


In this series of images, the gesture of the photographic assembly of bodies and geographical spaces points to the construction of metaphorical bridges. Narratives of alliances and affections. Visual memories whose family references cross our biographies and transcend as mirrors to be reflected in those of a multiethnic and transgenerational collectivity.


The materials used for this project come from the recovery of photographic archives. These were generated between 1940 and 1994 in cities such as Tijuana, CDMX, San Diego, New York, Monte Carlo, and Seville. In some cases, the photographs have been donated by the families of the women photographed, including my own. In others, their protagonists have discarded the images, and I have had access to them through local second-hand markets.


The project proposes a reading of correlations and imaginary ties between the female protagonists of the images. Establishing these symbolic and visual dialogues is possible thanks to the repetition of situations, gestures, and scenarios that have historically defined the photographic practices of the domestic cult. The project bets on the visibility of the affections between women, the shelters, and the home sites as a place of resistance in necropolitics and phobias.