My projects are an interdisciplinary network of pulses and wounds that connect my obsessions at the Borderlands: Speculative fiction, labor paradigms, archives counternarratives, collective memory, and territorial resistance tactics. Latin American fantastical birds. The small and silent acts of courage and love that are applied against terror and which we will never get to know. My art production works with appropriation of materials, visual production, writing, post-critical pedagogies, soft sculpture, and installation.

I grew up in the border town of Tijuana, in a neighborhood called Las Cumbres (1993). It is located on the west margin of the city from where we can see the ocean. My community is vital to my practice. It’s where I first realized how structural violence affects people living in a fragile political and social environment marked by their social class. It’s also where I learned about organizing with others, the power of taking action, and the importance of observing, listening, researching, creating, and telling stories.

In the summer of 2022, my brother and I opened a community library in our house. We engage with our neighbors, family, allies and friends through books, movies, workshops, performances, video making and all sort of other games.