Vídeo, Instalación, Escultura blanda, Collage, Sitio específico.

The dust or the wind, perhaps, is a multilayer project. In my research, the first two chapters introduce a speculative economic system named “neoecocapitalism,” in which the “Teslim” labor paradigm thrives and seeks interplanetary expansion. Teslism triumphs under Elon Musk’s archetype and in the laboratories of Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, and Twitter (now X).

 The third chapter focuses on my artistic work, exploring affective readings and methodological layers around community making. It describes the strategies and alliances made at a science fiction workshop, a short film, a neon sign, a collage series, a dark glowing creature that dances and breathes, and one box to handle something fragile. This work was done in the trans-border experience as a Tijuana MX and Tucson US resident.

In the Summer of 2022, my brother Mario, neighbors, friends, and I hosted a Science Fiction workshop in our communal library to discuss community, labor, and the future. We made a  film documenting our collective work performing as a clandestine, organized Guerrilla movement and the collective creation of our weapons. In doing so, we challenge the use of our territory as a wasteland and the exploitation of our bodies by the factory that operates in service of Tesla and SpaceX. 

The science fiction workshop represented a practical tool for collective listening, intensifying affective relationships, and producing discourses in our community. We use strategies like collage, photography, and performance. Specific results include a collage and writing collection, a collective performance, and a photo series. The workshop’s outcomes were decided under collaborative and consensual methods that engaged the vision of all the participants. 

 In my work, I point out strategies to weave our way into a stronger community within our territories of care. I suggest that through community epistemic resistance, we challenge the prevailing dystopian outlook that holds our future. The speculative game used to create this analysis has been informed by decolonial feminism, new materialism, post-marxism, and contemporary art.