Episthemic resistance: work, affections and territories. criticism of the neo-eco-capitalist era of tesla and spacex [in progress]

Claudia quit the factory after witnessing a techno-pagan sacrifice on the machines that never rest. One night, as they all produced their never-ending song that resembles a crashing crystal wave, one of the machines devoured the arm of a young man working immediately next to Claudia. No one could hear his screams over the din. Claudia quit the factory because of the post-traumatic stress of the scenes of a young man bleeding from the amputation, in tears and unable to be heard over the sounds of the machinery. She knew of two previous cases in which the machines killed workers.


My friends and I, including Claudia, are working on a project to imagine how to shut down a factory and develop new ways of thinking about labor, community, and the future. This work builds on research I have conducted for the past two years in my neighborhood, where my family and neighbors have been working together to collect stories from workers at Tesla and SpaceX. We will expand this research to other regions around the world where these companies operate to create a network of critical testimonies.


*Project financed by the National System of Creators (2023-2026).