Penumbra 2020Collage on Museo Max Archival 250 gr Archival 250 gr10 cm x 12 cm I have named Penumbra the uncertain but potent zone at the margins of a photographic image. During my research process, I examined hundreds of images illustrating the various volumes of the Latin American Encyclopedia El Tesoro de la Juventud. I […]

America Day by Day”: A Counter-cartography

“Norteamerica al desnudo”: Una contracartografía Photography, writing, video, public intervention, and performance 2019 My counter cartographic responds to Simone De Beauvoir’s 1947 road trip through the American Southwest. Using De Beauvoir’s book “America Day by Day” as a guide, I followed her traces and traveled 4,200 km by car through California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, […]

All that happened in an instant and lasts forever

All that happened in an instant and lasts forever [2016-2020] [2016-2020] In this series of images, the gesture of the photographic assembly of bodies and geographical spaces points to the construction of metaphorical bridges. Narratives of alliances and affections. Visual memories whose family references cross our biographies and transcend as mirrors to be reflected in […]

Fotógrafos Ambulantes de Tijuana

Fotógrafos Ambulantes de Tijuana This project explores the visual production of Itinerant Photographers and their work in the public space of Tijuana over the past seventy years. The set of images collected to form the first archive of this kind provides insight into social and affective aspects we associate with vernacular photography. These aspects include […]